offers a wide selection of de-icer & bubbler products and mounting accessories for marinas & residential applications. We offer the best prices on top of the line, american made Kasco De-icers. All of our deicers are work in both saltwater and freshwater and have been proven successful in Arctic temperatures.


We offer a larger selection of de-icers PLUS a multitude of mounting options including some that are manufactured only by us. On top of that we have a team of knowledgeable experts to assist 7 days a week with advice or questions before and after you have purchased. 

MORE MOUNTING OPTIONS: We also have a few one-of-a-kind innovative mounts including the “360 Degree Oscillator“. Adding any single deicer to this revolutionary mount will give you up to 4 times more coverage area!

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Our line of Kasco de-icers  and unique mounting options can be customized to fit any application. We work with Marinas & Residential Customers and assist them in choosing the proper de-icing solution. Based on total square-footage area of the open water desired; the availability and location of a power source; the water depth, boat size, and dock construction; and the average temperature and duration of winter weather.  Don’t be caught off guard by the expense and inconvenience of ice damage.  It’s fully preventable.  SHOP HERE or Call us today 877-224-4899

Dock & Pier and Shoreline De-Icing

The most efficient way to keep a dock or pier ice-free is to position the de-icer at an angle. This pushes the water against the shoreline, causing it to fan out. This fan-shaped pattern (also called a “flair”) will increase the amount of open water around the dock or pier, as well as against the shoreline. If an ice-free shoreline is unnecessary, it’s best to mount the de-icer vertically, and use curtains to shape the desired area of open water. Our De-icer’s / Water Agitators are available in a variety of mounting options. Sling / Rope Suspension, Dock Mounted, Freestanding Frame, Horizontal Float & our Automated Oscillating Deicer Attachment.

Shallow Water De-Icing

De-icing occurs when deeper, warmer water is brought to the surface and is circulated through a designated area. This process melts away existing ice and prevents new ice from forming. A shallow area can be easily de-iced by mounting the de-icer in a deeper area, and then directing the flow of warm water toward the shallow area. The constant flow of warm water toward the shallow area will keep the area free from ice.

Boat De-Icing

Preventing ice buildup around a boat is accomplished by positioning de-icer units at or near the bow and directing the flow of cycled water toward the stern. Some boats may be large enough to require multiple de-icers / water agitators, and these should be placed in a pattern that follows the hull’s natural contours. This provides the most complete and effective ice-free results. It is also possible for de-icers to be mounted directly under the hull, on one or both sides. If the boat is anchored in deep water, a diffusers will help to circulate warmer water around the boat.

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